DONÓT declaw  - there ought to be a law


In some countries declawing is illegal.  If you choose one of my kittens you will be asked to sign a contract that states that you will never declaw the cat.  Unfortunately many people still think that declawing is nothing more than a permanent manicure.  It is amputation, plain and simple.   Some of the links below are quite graphic, so be prepared.   Others are informative, and others will give you information on why declawing is cruel and how you can help pass the word along. 


One of the things that make a cat a cat are his retractable claws.  This function serves him not just in hunting but in grooming, loving, playing and jumping.  Cats use their claws to mark their territory and leave a scent for other cats.  In short, a catÕs claws serve many functions and are in a way attached to his brain. Without his claws a cat does not have the same wonderful balance and in some way he knows he is not safe.

A cat who would never bite except in the most extreme situations of perceived threat will, without claws learn that biting is his only weapon.  Cats who are declawed may, years later, due to pain refuse to use the litter box.  Some shelters will not take declawed cats because they may have behavior problems. 


Unfortunately there are still some veterinarians who will assume that if your cat is going to live indoors that you will want him declawed at the same time you have him altered.  It is therefore necessary to stress that you do not want him declawed under any circumstances.


All of our kittens are raised to use a scratching post.   All cats should be provided with their own appropriate scratching places.  If they are they will learn, with your help, that scratching is ok if done in the right places.  Yes, cats CAN be trained.  It will take some time to learn, but you will have fund working with and bonding with your cat too.  And of course you will learn to clip nails and do it regularly, right.  If you get your kitten from me, he or she will be familiar with this process and when you come and get your cat I will show you  how to do it.  However it is still possible that one day, when youÕre not looking the cat may scratch something you might prefer he not scratch..  If this is not something you can deal with we would respectfully suggest that you consider a different type of pet.   Declawing is simply not an answer.   (graphic)  (be prepared, but if you really want to know how it is, read this)