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Available Kittens

If you have been torn between wanting a dog, but not having the time or space, and wanting a cat who would behave like a dog, you may have found the perfect pet in the LaPerm. If you want a bright, curious (more than most cats), at-your-heels pet who will lie sprawled by your side thru hours of sleeping, tv watching, etc, then take a look at a LaPerm.

Manawyddan Salvidore Dali of Calico Rose

The La Perm is an American breed. La Perms were first found by Linda Koehl in Oregon in 1982. Descended from barn cats, these dog-like cats have curly hair. Like the Poodle, LaPerms' shedding is caught by the curls and so is not likely to transfer to surroundings. The cat-ality of the LaPerm is an "in your face," follow your heels, and come when called type. Lap and shoulder sitting are favorite pastimes of the LaPerm. The LaPerm is a smaller breed of cat, 5-6 lbs. for females and 7-8 lbs. for males. Because of their smaller size, LaPerms are well suited for smaller homes and appartments, or just for people who like smaller cats.

CalicoRose CharlieBrown
Charlie spends a lot of time on the shoulder of her 'grand-dad' Vet

LaPerms make wonderful lap-warmers. Make no mistake, though, they are very bright and playful as well. LaPerms also come in every color and coat type - except they are curly and require no grooming. These curly-coated, incredibly affectionate cats have several pluses. Low shedding is a big plus, so is their lack of need for formal grooming. Occasional brushing is all that is needed. The curls are permanent and even the whiskers and eyebrows are kinky. This means when your friends come over you will not have to defuzz them as they leave. A big help with allergy sufferers and particular housekeepers.

Wildflower and her kittens

Because LaPerms come from hardy barn stock and have not been inbred, they have no known genetic defects. They are not subject to some of the diseases which can turn up in some of the more established breeds. Although they are a relatively new breed, they are recognized with both TICA <http://www.tica.org> and CFA.

LaPerms are known for their bonding to humans. They may choose one person over another, in fact many owners choose to become 2 laperm homes so that mom and dad can each have one.

LaPerms do not breed true, so that in every litter there will almost always be some "non standard" (non-curly) LaPerms. They are LaPerms in personality and body type - they just are not curly. These are often available as wonderful pets at a lower cost.

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