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The following are links that you may find useful and ones that I recommend.

9th life is an organiztion that I have personal knowledge of,   and of the work they do.  Being in Haiwaii they are more cut off from US and other aid that could otherwise be sent easily, so money works, but anything, any source you might know of that would be willing to donate medical supplies or food would also be useful.   If you know people in HI who can help in any way please contact them.  Again, friends of mine are invoved here so rest assured that your dontation will be well used and help many homeless, sick cats.   Please help.  thanks,   beth


Our Own Feline Information and Resources Web Site. www.myfavoritecatsite.com

Our Litter: www.freshmagic.com

The International Cat Association www.tica.org

Information on vaccinations www.catshots.com

Information on declawing and why we don't allow it and why most of the
feline organizations don't allow it:



http://community-2.webtv.net/stopdeclaw/declawpics/ (graphic)


http://declaw.lisaviolet.com/declawvettch.html (be prepared, but if you
really want to know how it is, read this)

http://www.cafepress.com/laperm_munchkin (CalicoRose Store)

IS YOUR CAT "HEALTHY" enough to be vaccinated,
please read and discuss this with your vet.

Diabella, (really Diane) has created one of the most informative, fun, stunning web sites on everyting cats out there.  You are missing something if you don't go there, go back often, she's so creative.  always adding good things.   this site is rated PG so not to worry.   A visit with Diabella is an evenings entertainment.   at least.


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