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Dear Beth

We cannot tell you how impressed we were with your cattery.   You have some very special animals.

Fleury is so precious we will love him so easily.   He cries when we leave him alone for a minute.   He slept with us all night long.

Thanks again


First, I would like to complement you on a well run, clean, animal friendly cattery.   You have one of the nicest (truly a home, not cages) catteries I have ever seen.

Andrew did like the kitten.   He also was very impressed with your care of the animals.   I truly appreciated your time and the fact that you did let Andrew hold the kitten.

You have lovely, healthy animals who are fortunate enough to have a home environment with a great deal of love.

Keep up the great work.   Thank you again for your time.




Just want to say thank you for these wonderful little kitties. It is amazing the love and happiness cats bring to a home. We truly enjoyed our visit and next trip hope to spend more time with you. You are a special lady!!!


Wendy and Jim

Ollie surprises me every day.   One day I was sitting on the sofa and he dropped his mouse next to me, so I threw it back down on the floor.   We played "fetch and retrieve" for quite a while.

A few days later, I noticed him crouched behind a corner, so I ran up and "tagged" him.   He ran past me and hid.   "Tagged" him again.   Then I hid and he came to find me. ?We were playing "Hide and Seek" and "Tag -- Your It".

Every day I love this little guy more and more.   Thank you all for your continued efforts to keep this breed alive.   If it wasn't for all of you, I never would have discovered the LaPerm (on the internet), and would never have had the opportunity to bring this little joy in my life.


Rover and Blondie are doing wonderfully!!! You would not even believe how much they have grown!!!!

I have spent a couple of weeks keeping the two of them together and taking vacation. They are now with each of us separately. Transferred their bonding immediately from each other to us.

Blondie is still the wilder, but also quite the cuddler and Rover (ok - I'm biased) is just unbelievable.   Fun, funny and unbelievably smart. Is already playing fetch like a total champ!! ?Really friendly and and never skittish around my friends or kids etc... Quite high maintenance though! ?Will not tolerate being left out of anything or any room. It is all about him, but isn't it with most guys?? Ha!

Hope you are doing great!! Very difficult to type around if he is awke so I will sign off for now and give him the attention he deserves!



Hi Beth,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hi and catch you up on Rover. I am attaching a pic also. He is turning out far better than he looks in them. He is just difficult to get a good picture of.

I am so glad I made this decision!!! Anyway, he just gets more and more fun all the time. Everything you ever told me about this breed is so true.   Very dog like! Fetches like a champ. But also stays at my heels all the time.   Not skittish around visitors, but very loyal and devoted to me. Comes when you call him. DOES like to tear up paperwork if I am selfish enough to bring any home from the office. Incredibly trainable - really sensitive to both praise and discipline. ?One strange thing - hides his toys all the time like a dog would hide a bone.. His fur is staying fluffy with some curling at the chest. No shedding. Great Purr! ?Loves to be held like a baby whe he is sleepy. Loves belly rubs when he is getting sleepy or has just woken up.

Absolutely LOVING him!!

Love and Regards,


Hi Beth

First off, thank you for everything. ?It's funny, I had thought about maybe getting a cat for a couple of years. ?Once in while I would do a search and look at different breeds, see what was available or look in the paper to see what the local shelter had.

Having read about laperms about a year ago, I thought maybe that's the breed for me. ?When I came upon your site last month and saw Twink, I knew then, I wanted her. ?There was just something about the way she looked.

Now I have her and I couldn't be happier.

She had a good breakfast. ?Both the Royal Canin (am using l-lysine and prozyme, as recommended) and almost half a can of Fancy Feast Turkey, drank a good amount of water and used the litter box three times. She loves the crazy cats toys you sent. She has already done a great deal of investigating in the living room/kitchen. ?She knew exactly what to do with the scatching post. I didn't get a scratch, sitting platform for her, but she does have a 12x12, 24 inch high (window height) cushioned stool she hasn't tried out yet. She finally unwound about 9:30 this morning, made herself comfortable with me on the couch and snoozed for about an hour. By that time was ready for a snooze, myself. Put her in a room by herself, closed the door.   She cried for little bit and then went to sleep.   Has been sleeping most of the day.

I know I have made an excellent choice in getting Twink from you. Appreciate all your help, advice and encouragement. You can rest assure that Twink has a good home, a safe environment and someone who thinks the world of her.

Again, thank you for everything, Beth.

We will keep in touch.

Jeff & Twink

Remember when I was first contemplating getting Oscar and Jack and I had questions about how they would be with kids?   Well, if anyone ever asks you that question again, you can tell them that I think they are the best choice of cat for kids.   They are gentle and tolerant, and they actually like to snuggle and play with the kids.   After the initial getting used to their voices (which at times can be a bit loud!) the cats were not fearful at all around the kids.   They have never scratched or bitten, except unintentionally during play.   I cannot say enough about how good these cats are with kids.   I do realize that my kids are fairly well-behaved, so I guess that aspect also needs to taken into consideration.  

Anyways, take care of yourself and Bella!

Love from us and the cats!

This cat is awesome!   Tonight we went to visit my parents.   (I really wanted to take her somewhere so she didn't always associate getting in the carrier with going to the vet.) She did so well!! My parents aren't really cat people...they only like my cats...but my mother held her and snuggled her and told her what beautiful eyes she had and how cute her pink nose is.   She said she never held a cat who didn't wiggle and try to get away, so she was very surprised by how calm Scooter is.   She was all excited that she didn't start sneezing too.   Scooter was so calm and sweet.   Then my father came home.   He said hello to her and pet her.   (He's even less of a cat person than my mother.)   Then he left the room.   Scooter leaned over my shoulder so she could see him walking away.   So I told him she was watching him and he came back over to us.   He said I normally don't do this, but how do I hold her.   So I showed him and he took her and Scooter just looked up at him the whole time he had her.   It was so cute!   So my parents are hooked!


Dear Beth:

Wishing you a happy and healthly New Year from all of Molly's family in Albany.

If anyone needs raving recommendations re: your cats, let them call Jerry and MY MOTHER. Both of them are bonkers about Molly. She is amazing, adorable, beautiful, sweet, delicious, extraordinary...blah,...blah,...blah!!

I think about you daily as we all enjoy Molly. This was a match made in Heaven.

With love and Happy New Year wishes,



Marshmallow is amazing!!! ?He's so mushy, he gets in these moods where he just looks at me, lies down, closes his eyes and extends his paw for me to stroke and kiss him.   He just melts in my hands!   He loves tummy kisses, he started purring yesterday for the first time, nice and loud!   He loves for me to take him in my hands and to give him kisses and bring him close to my face - unreal!!! He's so loving, and so smart!   And he loves to play with his toys! His favorites are ?feathers on a stick [all kinds], balls and those plastic rings you gave us.   He's not really liking the cat sleepers we bought him, the small mice or fancy toys.   I think the simpler, the better.   He loves to sleep on my bed, specifically, on my pillow.   He loves my parent's bed too. ?He uses the sisal posts in his cat furniture, he just gets on the post with his whole body and starts scratching away. ?When he runs around, he hops, it's sooo cute!   He's like a small furry white bunny.   He's not shy about using his voice either, but it's only to call me to pick him up or to pet him or to give attention or reassurance. ?He loves to stand on his hind legs and look around. He spends all night with me, and not around my legs, he's always close to my face and hands.   I think that's because he wants to feel close to people, I just love it!   Beth, you raise just some of the most unbelievable kittens, if we ever get another cat, it will ONLY BE FROM YOU!



Beth just a note of thanks for matching up my family with one of your kittens she is so cute and funny. When my toy poodle Tucker and Capelli Ricci start playing everyone has to get out of the way. We changed her name to Capelli Ricci "Translation in Italian means Frizzy Curly" she fallows me all over the house like a dog would...

Thank-You Paula Hackensack NJ


Thanks for letting us all know about the new births.   I love hearing about it.

Zox and Cinnema are doing just fine. They are such sweeties! We really love watching them play.   They're very affectionate.

They are learning to hold their own with our puppy, but we still supervise their time together just in case.

I'm afraid the vet's office we visit does have a favorite in Zox though. They call him "the lover" and fawn all over him. Cinnema doesn't get as much attention but she is every bit as sweet and loving. She loves to come sit with me in the evenings.

We really love our kitties and are so thankful for their health.

God Bless Beth. Hope all is well with you and yours!   Beth!   Thanks for letting us all know about the new births. I love hearing about it.


Thanks for the flavorRx website. I will probably get around to checking all the links you sent me sometime this weekend. I am still trying to establish order in the apartment after two weekends of house guests so probably sunday, I'll look at all the stuff you sent me. I really appreciate all your effort and advice.

Having Sofi is an eye-opener. I am learning so much I felt as if I have never had a cat before. I would not be surprised if I come visit you in a few years wanting a mushball skookum. If you breed a skookum who you think would be good for me and Sofi, let me know. He is wonderful--he loves me and is so smart. I realize now with his attentiveness in the past couple of days how stressful the first two weeks with houseguests were for him. He is so sensitive and loving and loves to play. I adore him. I have been talking to him all the time. Thank you for doing what you do. You have given me and I am sure countless others so much joy. I really hope that I make it to New York because I would love to meet you in person, give you a big hug, and see and kiss all of your beautiful cats.

Love, Lexer


It has been a month since I picked up Pigpen and I just wanted to bring you up to date….

She is doing wonderfully. She is such a joy and has everyone in her control…the other cats, the dog and MY HUSBAND.  

It is so funny to watch them all.

We just love her.

Thanks so much.

Hope all is going well for you

From the looks of your website, you have been busy.

If I’m every looking for another little adoptee, I will call you…

Thanks for our wonderful kitten.



Hope all is fine with you.

 I haven’t spoken with you for a while and just wanted to update you on my little Pippen.

She has been the best little kitten we have even had join our family.  She has such a personality and it

Is so funny to watch all her stunts.  Everyone loves her from my other cats to the dog….She is the glue

That sticks all of them together.

I had her spayed over the summer and she came through the surgery with flying colors.  She was the hit at the Vet’s also.  They

Have not had that breed in their practice so had many questions about her.

I recently got a new scratching post for the cats and she just fell in love with it and is now performs major acrobatics for all of our enjoyment.

Thank you so much for introducing me to the breed of skookum.

I will definitely contact you if we are thinking of another baby.


Hi Beth,

Just a meow to let you know I am enjoying life in Penn Hills,  Pennsylvania.  It is hard to believe that I’ve been here since 2001!  I’ve attached some photos of me, my little brother Mak Mak (he’s hard to see but in my model pose photo), and my two favorite humans who were married on November 20, 2004.

I celebrated a pretty mellow 5th birthday on Feb. 1st by enjoying turkey fancy feast for breakfast and treats throughout the day. Some of my hobbies are sitting on my window perch, napping on my window perch, and eating treats on my window perch.  

I hope all is well with you.   

Thank you for all you did to get me to Pittsburgh.


Jet aka Jetty Bean

(and Scott and Michelle Ritenbaugh)

Hi Beth!!!

I'm so sorry that I've been so awful at keeping in touch, but I wanted
to give you an update and let you know how me and the kids are doing.

We've finally found an apartment where we are very happy and have
plenty of room right near my school so I am home all the time to be
with them! We're all much happier this way and have plenty of
afternoon cuddling time between classes.

Amy is the most precious little lady, she loves to sit on her cat tree
and survey the living room making sure everything is to her liking, she
is a night time cuddler and sleeps in my arms like a dolly purring well
into the night. She's got so much spunk and steals the hearts of all
of my friends!

Babe is more easily won over, he is the official greeter of the house
and as soon as a guest arrives you can be sure he will be on their laps
trying to get some attention. He thinks that it is his job to keep an
eye on little sister and makes sure to let me know if she's
"misbehaving" by sitting in his spot on the window ledge.

I can't even tell you how much joy they bring me, we are quite a
family, and the envy of all of my friends who wish they had such
amazing babies. Thank you so much!!! Please keep in touch. And I've
sent along a picture of them cuddling on the chair (not a rare sight,
they are almost completely inseparable).

Love Always,

Dear Beth,

Thank you SO MUCH for everything, for your hospitality, your consideration as a friend and breeder, and most of all for our precious baby, Betty Boop. We were so very impressed with your beautiful home which was clean and organized, and smells like cinnamon and spice (yum). When we thought we couldn't be more impressed, you showed us the Boys room, which completely amazed us even more. Thank you for showing us such a wonderful time in a span of a couple hours. You are so caring and thoughtful. Even when one of your toes was   bleeding at two AM in the morning  right before we had to leave for our flight, that still didn't stop you from preparing us for the long trip home to California. We went cross-country to meet you and pick up our baby and we would do it again.
Betty Boop is amazing, she is alsways surprising us and showing us something new.  She is playful, sweet, and loving. She follows me around everywhere and sometimes when I look at her, she jsut stares at me like I am her world. She sleeps right under the covers, nestled next to my belly at night. She usually falls asleep purring. She wakes us up with kisses and head butts. She respnds to us when we come home with a string of meow's. She entertains our guests when they come over. She is a real celebrity cat. All our freinds and family are amazed by her personality and jelous that we found such a GORGEOUS looking cat.
We are the luckiest couple because we have the best cat from the best breeder in the world.
Vivian and Yuji

Dear Beth,

From the time I first talked with you, I knew that getting a cat from you would be a great experience. Tootsie is the light of my life. You have made her and my life so much richer.

Thank you for Tootsie. Love, Janet

Hi Beth,

Hope all is well. Panda is such a love. As any kitten, she is full speed ahead or asleep. She makes us laugh so much. Jack was afraid she wouldn't like him, but she cuddles up to him at night and jumps up in to his lap. We love her dearly.

Thanks for your help. With Love, Karyn

Hi there.

Just wanted to drop you a line to say Hello and to let you know that Milano is okay. He's fits in perfectly and is absolutely wonderful. The kids say, and I quote, "he's perfect!". I have to agree with them. He eats well, sleeps good, loves to sit in laps (especially mine), loves to have his under-chin and head rubbed, loves to play, and loves to kiss. Such a mush. He waits by the bathroom door whenever I take a shower. He had visitors recently from a couple of the kids cousins and we wasn't even scared. He didn't go off and hide. So proud!! He has such a peaceful temperament. He's taken full reign of the house now, both floors. Visits every room and climbs everything. He's great. I attached a couple of pictures I took this past week. and thanks for him.

Michael, Avalon, mom and dad

I want to thank you so much for JB! He's an amazing cat! He's definitely the most social cat that I've ever met- he's not afraid of anything and just LOVES people. I actually brought him with me to my mom's house for the four days I spent there for Christmas, and after an hour he was already comfortable and was visiting everyone and checking the place out. He's always got me laughing and is so sweet and cuddly! I think that you do an amazing job with your kittens and really socialize them so when they do go to their homes they are well-adjusted and very friendly kittens! When I came to visit you and you showed me how everything runs, I was very impressed. Breeding cats is a very serious and tough business and I learned so much from you about it. You obviously really care about your cats, kittens, and the families they go to and I think that that is the most important thing. Thanks so much! I attached a picture of us, and I have a ton of funny ones that I have yet to put on the computer, but I'll send you a couple when I get to that! I hope you are having a great weekend and have a happy and safe new year!

Lots of Love, Amy

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