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I do have a contract and it is also a health guarantee.  I will email it to you once we have decided on your kitten.  Again, a phone conversation is mandatory and a visit is my preferred way of meeting you.   That way you can discuss any concerns you have and of course meet and get to know your new baby.  You can also meet the parents and the other cats here and get to know me and the environment where your baby is being reared.  If you come here you will learn some of the methods of caring for your new kitten before you get him and a lot of questions will be answered first hand. You are unique and so are the kittens, so it’s best to build our new relationship based on the needs and requirements of both.

IN general though here is a short list of absolutes.

You must live in a place that allows cats.  

You should have time to spend at least a few days with your new kitten without having to leave it for long periods when it first arrives

all kittens MUST be altered by six months

Kittens will not be allowed to leave the cattery before 12 weeks at the earliest.

Any children in the household should be at least 4 or I will have to meet them before you choose your kitten.

No kitten may ever be allowed outdoors

No kitten may ever be declawed

In return I promise to match you to the healthiest kitten and do my best to assure that he or she has a catality to suite your personality and your life style.    


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