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What can happen when a short legged Munchkin falls in love
with a curly-coated LaPerm.

Skookums at Calico Rose

What exactly is a Skookum? A Skookum is a cross between a munchkin and a laperm. Ideally in this breeding we are hoping to get a short legged cat with curly hair. Hoping is the key word here. It simply doesn't happen with any predictable degree of regularity. Even breeding two Skookums will not necessarily produce all Skookums. Therefore in these litters we can get, Laperms, Munchkins, Skookums and Non Standards, (cats who display neither the curls nor the short legs) When we do we are thrilled as we have a special fondness for these adorable and rare cats. They have the same cute personality of the munchkin and the extreme brightness of the laperm AND the low maintenance curly coat of the laperm. Quite a combination. Smedley was seen NBC's Weekend Today Show in Feb of 2003 in a segment where they featured new and rare breeds.

Ozzie Stewart,  and Dudley Stewart ,
brother skookums now living happily with Wendy and her family


This is Angel a Skookum living here at Calico Rose. 

This is Angel's Dad, Smedley Hoover. 

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