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CalicoRose Munchkins

Our first Munchkin was ZOEY. She is pictured above and is still CalicoRose's guardian kitty

The Munchkin is a short legged cat who can look like any typical American cat in terms of color and coat type. Munchkins are known for their perpetual kitten like cat-ality. They will stand on their hind legs and "pray" or "beg" or just to look around. They are just as agile and quick as other cats, but have a characteristic hoppy gait which tends to make people giggle. Munchkins are extremely friendly and playful and make wonderful pets. Amusingly, they will often baffle a taller animal by running under their legs in the ultimate evasive action.

This Munchkin is MERLIN

This contented Munchkin mother is PANSY

This is PANSY with some of her kittens



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Beth Fillman
(631) 537-5074
Email: bethcat@hamptons.com